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We Believe in Everything Organic

We practice organic farming methods on our farm. We welcome you to visit and see for yourselves. Please stop by the farm, talk to our farmers and take a walk around the farm. Understanding where your food comes from, who is producing it, and what they are using to produce it actually affects your health. We believe strongly in “everything organic,” and to support this belief, we use non-GMO seeds and companion planting, and all of our produce is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. All the processes and methods of farming, harvesting, and preparing our food for our customers is driven with a firm belief in health and sustainability of our land and our planet. We have signed the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut (CT NOFA) Farmer’s Pledge, which supports these philosophies and behaviors.


When we first looked at land to buy to begin our farm, we hunted for “round up free soil”. It was hard to find. The parcels we purchased in Deep River had been an old farm, but vacant for years and absent of pesticides and round up. We knew then, we could build the foundation of our farm and we could refurbish our soil. The healthier our soil, the healthier everything on our farm would be. We believe in the “terroir of our soil”. Everything starts there. We borrow the word Terroir from the French, as it is a wonderful word used to describe the environmental factors that describe how a crop’s phenotype is expressed. The phenotype is how it grows, how it smells, how the plant expresses itself and produces fruit, what it looks like. The genotype is the collection of genes that make up the plant and the respective fruit. The terroir of our soil gives our plants the nutrients and fundamental health to be the best they can be. The deep taste of the vegetables begins with the health of our dirt. Everything in our dirt is organic.